• Outdoor Education Provision 2019

  • Science and Engineering: What Wiltshire has to offer event

  • School Funding Bulletin - April 2019

  • Beat the Bugs Train the Trainer

  • School Funding Bulletin - March 2019

  • Increase In Scarlet fever Cases

  • School Funding Bulletin - February 2019

  • Run a Beep Beep! Day to engage early years in road safety basics.

  • Bring learning to life with a School Visitor

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Document Summary Service
The LA subscribes to the Document Summary Service (DSS) on behalf of all Wiltshire schools.

'A prompt, concise and highly relevant time saving service for decision makers in education.'

There is a wide range of education research and statistics released from organisations such as the NFER and the Sutton Trust that you need to keep up to date with, as well as information released by professional bodies such as the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

Summaries are produced each month via the University of Bristol Graduate School to provide you with succinct and manageable overviews of the latest releases from a variety of sources including the Department for Education, Ofsted and many other national education institutions.
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Training & Events

25 Apr
Supporting Children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) in the Mainstream Classroom
•Develop staff expertise in supporting children with Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) •Promote inclusion of children with SLCN •Provide training in differentiating the curriculum for children with communication difficulties.
27 Apr
Chairs' Networking Group
Latest updates and new reports Opportunity for round table discussions Chairs’ network web site pages
01 May
Better Outcomes for Disadvantaged Learners
Review funding and government guidance for Pupil Premium pupils Consider what your school needs to think about in terms of reviewing their support for Pupil Premium pupils Provide a series of helpful templates to structure support for Pupil Premium pupils
03 May
How to be an effective Education Visits Co-ordinator (EVC)
Learning objectives To increase participants knowledge and understanding of: • How high quality LOTC experiences can support, enrich and extend teaching and learning. • The legal framework, policies, procedures and guidance relating to the effective management and delivery of LOTC experiences, including day, residential, adventurous and overseas activities. • The roles, responsibilities, competence and confidence required of everyone involved in the planning, management and delivery of LOTC experiences. • The commissioning and managing of the relationship between school and an LOTC Provider. • The appropriate management of risk via risk/ benefit analysis and a simple risk assessment process. • The importance of informed parental consent; medical information and First Aid provision; inclusion and equal opportunities considerations when planning LOTC experiences. • The role of the EVOLVE system in planning, managing, authorising and evaluating LOTC experiences.
07 May
Characteristics of Effective Learning for Foundation Stage Two Practitioners
* This course looks in more depth at each of the sections of the characteristics of effective learning * Practical activities, DVD clips and discussion will challenge and extend your understanding and help you to put it into practice
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