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Specialist SEN Service
Support Strategies to Enable and Nurture Success.
The Specialist SEN Service (SSENS) is a team of Specialist Advisory Teachers, supporting children and young people as part of Wiltshire Council’s 0-25 SEND Service. We specialise in practical and realistic teaching and learning strategies which are underpinned by current educational research. Each Specialist Advisory Teacher has extensive experience and has undertaken specialist training.

We help schools and settings understand and meet the needs of children and young people with identified or suspected special educational needs and/or disabilities. All of the SSENS Team are expert and enthusiastic about limiting the impact of additional learning needs in the classroom.
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Training & Events

19 Jun
SENCO Network Meeting
We will be giving away a Train the Trainer Power Point package on Transition to every school. We will arrange visiting speakers, training and resources based on your ideas of what you would like to be included in future network meetings.
20 Jun
Getting Multiplication Tables Check Ready
This course will discuss the requirements of the new Multiplication Tables Check beginning June 2020. Children in Year 3 will be the first cohort to take this test. We will look at multiplicative reasoning, understand the laws and share strategies for teaching. Then we will share a systematic programme to secure table knowledge for children in Year 3 and year 4 in the school.
25 Jun
Wiltshire Primary Mathematics Conference
Featuring Keynote talks by: • Professor Mike Askew - internationally renowned Mathematician, speaker and author of Transforming Primary Mathematics. Reasoning: The heart of mathematics Reasoning is at the heart of learning and doing mathematics. But evidence points to reasoning not getting as much attention in mathematics lessons as it might. In this keynote Mike will explore why it is important that all children get to engage in mathematical reasoning, and why reasoning is complementary to, but not directly dependent upon, fluency and problem solving. We will explore practical strategies for bringing reasoning into the heart of all mathematics teaching, and making mathematics learning engaging, challenging and productive. Workshop: Generalising as a habit of mind. Habits develop when we consistently engage in actions, little and often. If we want pupils to be habitual generalisers, then we must give them frequent opportunities to do so. This workshop will explore a number of 5- to 10- minute activities that can engage pupils in regular opportunities to generalise. • Craig Barton (mrbartonmaths.com) - national speaker, presenter of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast, author of 'How I Wish I'd Taught Maths' and co-founder of DiagnosticQuestions.com • In his keynote talk Craig will be talking about how educational research has changed the way he teaches mathematics, together with simple, practical, effective strategies to put this research into practice. Workshop: Making the Most of worked examples • In his workshop he will be sharing ideas on making the most of worked examples, including Example-Problem Pairs, Silent Teacher and Show Call. Additional workshops to be confirmed
25 Jun
Primary Disadvantaged Learner Lead network meetings
We will provide national Pupil Premium updates and in addition, we will cover two interesting and vital areas for Disadvantaged Learners this term: (1) The July 2018 Education Policy Institute Report - Education in England - considers how the disadvantage gap has changed since 2011 and how it varies across the country. Whilst we will refer to this report and the reference it makes to the Primary phase, we will spend time looking at practical implications for classroom practice, and how we can link three areas of research by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), Mastery, Metacognition and Peer Tutoring, into classroom activity that has the potential to really make a difference for Disadvantaged Learners. (2) We are fortunate to be joined at these meetings by Ian Abbott from the SEND Service (Cognition & Learning), who – with his particular perspectives - will lead us in useful ways through aspects of the Growth Mindset approach, and the relevance and support this can provide for our most vulnerable learners. Only open to Wiltshire LA schools and academies
26 Jun
Health and Safety Management for Headteachers & Senior Managers
This course will: Provide delegates with the information and resources available to effectively manage health and safety in their own schools. Provide no-nonsense advice and dispel the myths around H&S. Make delegates aware of their own responsibilities and accountabilities in respect of Health and Safety within their own schools. Help to create a safer working and learning environment.
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