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HR Advisory Services
We provide a full and comprehensive service, delivered by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the education sector
The Schools HR Advisory Team offers a professional, comprehensive HR Advisory Service for schools to assist them to manage staffing issues appropriately, promptly, legally and equitably. We are a team...
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29 Jan
The Learning Car - Metacognition-What it is and how to Teach it to Young Children
The course is a one-day session with practical and taught elements. • Metacognition is about teaching the processes of learning so that it can be transferred across the curriculum. • Young children benefit from developing a greater awareness of how they acquire knowledge and by raising their awareness we are helping to support them in their future learning. The Learning Car course supports teachers in developing their own awareness of metacognition and how they might introduce and develop metacognitive skills in their classroom.
05 Feb
Basic Manual Handling Of People with physical & medical needs
The content of this course covers the safe techniques for manually handling children and young people with a physical impairment. Please wear loose fitting clothing, such as a tracksuit, that enables you to flex at hip and knee without restriction and will not inhibit your movement and handling of people. Please ensure you wear flat supportive shoes with non-slip soles, which allow you to flex your ankle freely. This is NOT a course covering restraint techniques
06 Feb
Scaffolders: Developing TA skills
The Scaffolds' course supports teaching assistants in developing their skills and awareness of scaffolding and meta-cognitive approaches, and encourages teaching staff to reconsider how their teaching assistants are used.
06 Feb
English Primary Subject Leader Network Meeting
• Explore current developments in English and Literacy; • Focus on effective assessment practice and provide opportunities for moderation in reading and writing; • Identify key strategies and actions for effective subject leadership in order to raise achievement for all pupils; • Provide an excellent opportunity for English subject leaders to share good practice and to network.
06 Feb
Health & Safety for Governors
• Understand the purpose and benefits of producing an effective policy for the provision of health and safety • Initiate an effective health and safety management system which take account of all sections of the curriculum and the school activities • Improve the overall health and safety standards within the school • Monitor and evaluate the headteachers performance in respect of health and safety
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