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School Effectiveness
Promote educational excellence; ensure fair access to services; act as champion for vulnerable children and young people
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24 May
How to be an effective Education Visits Co-ordinator (EVC)
Learning objectives To increase participants knowledge and understanding of: • How high quality LOTC experiences can support, enrich and extend teaching and learning. • The legal framework, policies, procedures and guidance relating to the effective management and delivery of LOTC experiences, including day, residential, adventurous and overseas activities. • The roles, responsibilities, competence and confidence required of everyone involved in the planning, management and delivery of LOTC experiences. • The commissioning and managing of the relationship between school and an LOTC Provider. • The appropriate management of risk via risk/ benefit analysis and a simple risk assessment process. • The importance of informed parental consent; medical information and First Aid provision; inclusion and equal opportunities considerations when planning LOTC experiences. • The role of the EVOLVE system in planning, managing, authorising and evaluating LOTC experiences.
06 Jun
Holding Leaders to Account
Understanding the importance of holding your school to account and the means by which it can be done. Learnt from each other's experiences and shared understanding of how different governing bodies tackle the challenges involved. Practical tools, strategies and links to sources of further information.
06 Jun
Preparing for Ofsted - Cohort 1 (invite only)
The focus will be on sharing good practice with Ofsted preparation, the types of information and evidence you may want to have ready and to enable schools to feel confident and in control of the inspection process. The session is not intended to cover the new framework; roadshows to cover the new Ofsted framework will be held as early as possible after the publication of the new framework.
10 Jun
Headteacher Briefing
A regular session providing updates from Wiltshire Council and partner agencies.
11 Jun
Headteacher Briefing
A regular session providing updates from Wiltshire Council and partner agencies.
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